Artificial Intelligence is bad?

Recently, the topic AI has been quite popular and somewhat controversial. Since the time Wall-E was made to I.Robot to Avengers: Ultron, all depict the artificial intelligence going haywire.Yet, is it really that bad?


I can quote Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Industries ,here~ ” By creating artificial Intelligence we’re summoning the demon”.

Does this rapidly enhancing technology really deserve this much hate?

I believe that while this could potentially bring harm to the human race as a whole, but the key word here is potentially. Way before that, we have to consider that if AI is fully developed we will have a huge ton of benefits, without the cost !?

I can already imagine myself sitting on a beach, sipping margarita with my dazzling  AI robotic assistant… Ah, can’t wait.

Well, if you’re really interested in knowing the sh*t ton of benefits you get, here are some which you should consider:

 1. Being able to solve problems at light speed!

Consider the fact that you’re a high school student right now and your history teacher tells you to make a report on some war, that happened way back when great-grandfather wasn’t even born. How much easier would it be to just hand it over to the AI assistant to do it for you while you play some video games…

That’s kinda low level task. Now consider, you’re a researcher whose trying to find similarities between the DNA of intelligent humans, so as to have smarter descendants. And, now the bad part, you have to compare a thousand microscopic DNA samples for that. How much faster would it be if you use AI to do this drudgery? A rhetorical question. Who the hell cares?  You don’t have to do this, and you still get the results, and, something better, you get it done fast and accurately… What more do you need !?!

2. No lack of smart assistants

Well, I don’t need to explain this at all. It’s all self evident. In Fact, why must I give you a list of benefits you get? It’s going to help out in the research, huh? And, if you have this much time that you want to read some 100+ benefits of AI, then just go do your homework Glitch! Wait, that’s me. I mean ‘random person whose reading this’.

Ah, whatever. Since this is a post, I can’t just leave you empty handed, can I? A rhetorical question.

Glitch, what will you give me? Hmm, lemme think……………………………. *slept*

*BANG BANG* Oh where was I?

Oh yeah assistants, they have to be good looking and do all your work for you. That’s what essentially what an AI does.

Conclusion: The AI is a really good tool to do all problems known to mankind. Thus, it must be built.Artificial-Intelligence_o_72403.jpg..

Thank you, Glitch and Meet you next week.




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