Hot Summer Regret

TimeLog: Glitch Virus, 11:45 pm, 3 July 2016.

Light Novels are really interesting and deep. Really wish I had more time these summer holidays to do some work. I wasted most of these holidays on light novels. They hold an unspeakable charm to me even now, when I regret reading them. I regret not being able to do much these summers. This was probably the last summers I could’ve enjoyed. Its none others but my fault.


I couldn’t do anything at all these summers and I regret that. Even though I had a surgery and was bedridden, I should have at-least done something more productive than wasting my time reading novels… I have so much workload right now and I hate that. And that’s why I’m furious right now.

Furious over myself, my decisions, my thoughts and my incompetence. Therefore, I vow to change myself completely. There shall no longer be a weak-willed, incompetent, coward in this world anymore.

Regret has no medicine and it can’t be cured. It can only heal over time.

Log ends here……


And that’s how I started this blog. It was over regrets and thoughts of improvement.  It’s only for that reason that I’m writing what I am right now.