Deep beneath the surface

Does this world truly follow the aspect that everyone is equal? Obviously NOT!!!

On the surface, you see everyone hears the same, everyone feels the same, everyone sees the same. But in actuality, has different starting points, different resources, different strengths and weakness, different quirks.

On the surface, the rule of law is followed, but deep beneath the surface? The survival of the fittest. 

The one who has the most brain, brawn, skill or ability is the one who lives to see the end.

Even before that, the idea of everyone is equal is completely wrong. No one in this entire world is equal to you or me. You can say, everyone except you, is equal in your eyes.But you of-course hold a better place in your heart.

However, even when we say that everyone is unique, then the idea of law just vanishes into thin air. What can you do to a person with special privileges? Nothing. Though, special privileges still exist for many cases, many different types of people. Why  not for you? Because even though you are equal in the eyes of law, you’re different. Thus, you require different laws to be judged correctly.

This is so flawed, that it makes me laugh. However, I’m but a individual trying to ponder the world so I won’t say more than necessary.