Satisfaction in life

Though, it might sound a bit weird, I’ll take a biological aspect to depict what life is about. Think of an Amoeba, every time I refer to an organism, and then think of yourself.


What’s life? Life is a process in which a living being acquires traits of evolution and passes them to the next generation. The traits passed on are some which helped it survive in the world. Through traits, either the species dies and goes extinct, or evolves to live better.

Same with pressure, it can crush you to mush, but it can also help you become stronger. Take the pressure lightly and you’ll get crushed. Take it too seriously and you won’t move forward. Just the right amount of caution and boom… success.

What’s the pressure we feel? responsibilities? peer? work? no No NO!!!  not at all. The only pressure we, as organisms carry, is to live our life in satisfaction. Because neither do we have time to care about regret nor do we wish to. A 100 years are too less to care about responsibilities, peers and work pressure.You can barely even be satisfied with just 100 years of you life.

So, don’t care much about all external factors, which may seem pressurizing. The only pressure you feel is of your own satisfaction.

Satisfaction, according to me, is the feeling you get when you did what you wanted to do. It’s a rewarding feeling which you get for doing the right thing. It’s one of the most, probably the most, important aspect of life.


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