Float above, Look below

The problems we as humans face are like monsters in an RPG game, where we are the main characters. But instead of  us getting stronger with them, only the problems keep getting larger and larger. The pressure we feel keeps on increasing without limits, until we break completely.

But while the pressure seems real, it’s only so in, what I call, the bubble….

This bubble is what you might call reality. When we humans get too immersed reality, reality sucks you in like a abyss. In reality, everything seems important, everything seems life threatening, everything is natural. When we live very peacefully in reality, our bubble becomes as thick as 2 meters. This bubble doesn’t let us look at the big picture outside of it. You only live in your own world of the bubble, where we accept all ideas like a trashcan, till they peacefully exist with your own false idea of the world, full of colors and hope.

Reality isn’t about how much money, fame or success you have in life. Reality isn’t about whether your loved ones love you back or not, it isn’t about when you’ll get the promotion. It isn’t about who’ll win the elections. All these problems have very low worth in the universe.

Pop out of this false reality. Reality isn’t full of hope and colors.

Who are you? What’s your purpose in this world? To eat, sleep, love, and die eventually? Do you even know how the world was created? how can you sit there peacefully and enjoy your bubbled reality, when there is gun fire all around you? How much are the problems you currently have, worthwhile when thinking of the universe? Is it how it appears to be? Are you being manipulated?

Think of these questions. Think of your mediocre problems of the materialistic world. Think of your friends; Are they really your friends or just opportunists? Realize the grey reality around you. Then look for the want. Read philosophy if you want to know about the important problems in the world.

If all this doesn’t let you float above the daily ocean of problems, then that means you’re still at the sea bed facing these problems currently and I can’t help you there.

via Daily Prompt: Float


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