Humans survive on Logic

Humans…  are a innately weak race. We don’t have scale or claws for protection. Even our skins are so soft that a simple needle could pierce through to our heart and kill us easily as killing a fly. We don’t even get any sort of night time benefits, like night vision or sonic area imaging.

Even when we are infants, compared to other animals, it takes about 15-20 years before we can even have some basic ability to survive alone, while a snake will take 6-7 months after hatching to be able to survive alone. Snakes don’t even have proper parenting. Just after hatching snakes would definitely try to eat their own kind and the parent itself sometimes eats its produce. I have always wondered, since humans were able to survive so long as a race ( at least 5000 years), we must have something which allows us to be the dominant race. But what’s that?

Reasoning. The only thing humans have that can help us survive is the power to reason, think, use logic and plan ahead of time. It’s a great power in itself. A very very good thing, if you know how to use it well. Most people don’t use it that well. Like how it’s said that we don’t utilize a large portion of our mental capacity ( ten percent brain myth).

But reasoning is the only power we have which leads us in the race. And reasoning is also the power we don’t use good enough. We use it like a stick with a pointed end is used to dig the ground. That stick would break over and over, before we are able to dig the ground to a measurable amount. Therefore, we need better ways to think and learn, because the current ways are too wasteful. It’s said that our efficiency when finding a solution to a problem is 19% (too much time,effort and resources wasted)*, while a common desktop computer could solve the same problem with about 98-100% effort*, when given proper programming.

Our strengths right now cannot be used physically well. In front of nature, we are even less than ants. Think about every disaster happening in the world. Think about how easily people die in the world. 55.3 million people die every year. A humans odds of dying per year are very very high. Think about how you might die before you reach old age for a random reason like shock while watching horror movies.Why is this?

Because, anything other than our reasoning power, be it physical ability or mental ability is unsurprisingly low. Against true power of the nature, this deficiency becomes as naked as possible. Our power against that of nature’s, is like an infant with a tooth pick,  fighting against a buff man with a machine gun.

It’s not that I feel depressed at our own power or anything. I believe that we all our strong. But we are also weak. If we want to live longer and better, we shouldn’t think of trivial things like ‘whats for dinner today?’ or ‘I’m screwed. I haven’t done my homework!!!’ (Both are me, by the way). But more importantly, something for the survival of the race.

Being selfish for your own good is fine; it’s a basic quality which I believe is the essence of surviving in this world of strong eats weak. But, since we all are collectively weak, we must do something collectively to make ourselves stronger.

When a point is reached, all materialistic objects like money and cars, become a waste. What’s the use of money, if you’re so weak that you might die any moment? Is there any security of life, this way?

Thus, anything that can’t be used to increase your personal ability is a waste of an object and you don’t need it. In life, only your personal ability will help you overcome dangers and survive. Not your friends (opportunists), money or a car. Only your own ability to survive.

We can’t change our innate abilities completely. But I don’t want to stay here to die. I wish to move forward to become strong enough to resist nature, to stand in front of a tornado and feel breezy, to get a massage from a degree 10 earth quake. And I will increase my power continuously for that. Everyday, slowly.

And I believe, you’re like that too.



[BTW  In the vast universe, it’s highly improbable that we are the only living creatures. If there is a race that is much stronger than us, then all of humanity will become either food or slaves for them. Slavery on earth lasted for a dozen or more centuries. I don’t think that those creatures will quit slavery even after a dozen millenniums. So, I feel it’s urgent to expand our own prowess. It’s a pressing issue, so please don’t take it like a teenager babbling non-sense after watching star trek.]




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