Children are simple

Somehow, all the people around me in my childhood, including my parents, thought that I was a silent, thoughtful yet curious child ( which I still am), who gets straight A’s because he has something the he wants to achieve. Thinking this, they would say, ‘wow, such a mature little kid.’

I never understood why they said that. What were the talking about? I’m just like all the other kids out there. I’m not special at all. I’m a normal kid. Have these guys never seen a normal kid before?

Why I used to study so hard, at that time had no correlation whatsoever to why I study right now. I used to study that time, to make my parents happy of my results and get lots of chocolate (love chocolate, by the way). Now I study hard, to learn and improve my understanding of the world because I’ll use it later on.

I myself, never actually did anything genuinely mature. I would only imitate others, follow my parents and play video games. These were the only things I would do then. I actually always thought myself to be a big idiot who would do things without any know-how of the actual works and intricacies of it.

I was only doing it….

It’s after 10 years, that I  now know, why I was doing what I was then. And reminiscing that I feel a bit happy for doing them, a bit sad for not knowing this before and a bit numb because I feel this will happen again.

Children are simple creatures, don’t praise them falsely. No one likes false praise. Just give them some chocolate.



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