Tyrranical Emperor

I’m the Emperor.No one can beat me. Nothing can stop me. I’m ultimate.

Until death, I am alone. The path I walk on isn’t of anyone else. Cause there is only one emperor.

I love my people, but this doesn’t mean I love them blindly. Like how a farmer loves his sheep, a merchant loves his customers and vendor loves his suppliers.

My allies are beside me, and my ancestors in front. Yet I am the Greatest.

Greatest of the people behind me…

Greatest of the people beside me…

Greatest of the people in front of me…

They are only book for me to learn from, and throw in the dusty casket of history.

I only get stronger until someone stops my  path ahead. And the only way for that is by my death.

Yet all the paths I take are mine, with a red carpet following me in front. Wherever I turn, the red carpet of the emperor follows.

This is what I’m about. An Ultimate Existence.

I shall stop to sight-see; I shall slip on muddy grounds; I shall fall from cliffs and I shall go up steeps. This is my path.

Yet I’m still tyranny. None is worth my time to sight-see. No waters are deep enough to drown me. Cliffs are a training for my yet-to-mature wings to grow. And no steep can stop me from reaching it’s summit. This is me.

A sight worth my notice, can only be something miraculous. if it isn’t now, then it becomes. Even a piece of crap can become gold when I see it. But what’s the point of looking at crap?


Ravaging a land full of thorns, will only get thorns stuck in your shoes.

Ravaging a land full of treasures, will only grow your pocket.

Yet only ravaging strength, can cause an emperor to stop in my path. Because I only value strength.

But I never stop too long.

No matter how many thorns you have on you feet, they can’t be used.

No matter how much money you have, they’re only temporary.

Only strength is something that can be used as well is permanent.Only it has a bit of value. No much though.

My value to me, is the most value to something I can give. That’s why I’m the Emperor.






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