A journey of five days: At last

I found god on this path, lying on the ground, weeping and asking for help. He asked for a hand for me to support him up. But I  ignored him. He isn’t my reality, it has yet to come.

I found the devil on this path, offering riches, women and other pleasures, by just visiting hell with him once. But I  ignored him too. He isn’t my reality, it has yet to come.

I found a mountain ahead, with a man on the summit screaming with all his heart, “immortality is yours to get”. But I ignored him too.He isn’t my reality, it has yet to come.

I continued to walk, found many illusions, many offers, but not mine yet. So, I kept hope, and continued to walk, till i found my reality.

While walking, I suddenly found a monk, devoid of any illusions, any offers. He seemed different than all the other ones I found, so I asked him, “Have you seen my reality, anywhere?”.

He answered,”I haven’t”.

Thinking how clever monks can be, I asked again,”Do you know where it is?”

He answered with a smile,”Yes”

Surprised, excited, I asked in a hurry,”Please tell me where it is..”

With no expressions at all, he answered,” I can’t, in this realm of truth. Here, you won’t find a reality you’ve been to before. But there is a way you can find it. But you must figure it on your own. I can only help you with this sentence, “True  insight always comes from within.” After saying this, he became a puff of smoke and vanished from the Truth.

I sat at the same place, and though of his words. I sat there, like the monk before me, to contemplate on his words and after no time, I came to a finding.

I can simply think of going back to my reality, and I’m back. It’s simply that the reality is me. Since I’m the reality, it doesn’t exist in the Truth, and I can always come back here, because it’s my reality.

It’s good to be back. Such a long path ahead, let’s continue…


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