A journey of five days: Fourth day

I was walking, strolling rather, through the path of thorns and lush trees, straight ahead with only high will and a goal in mind. That’s when I realized something and stopped for a second. In that second time stopped flowing completely.

The illusion vanished, time doesn’t move and my view has changed.

I found myself standing in a world of Grey, a complete wasteland with so much space to move, so much ‘freedom’, yet there isn’t anything that’s needs movement, anything interesting.

A grey plain stretched to infinity in all the directions, with infinite grey skies above.

Yet I chose to walk ahead, with high will and a goal in mind. But the goal has changed a bit. I would now have to look for my way back to the illusion. Because I know that in the illusion, I had a high and mighty goal to keep me in high will, to walk ahead with pride.. But in this grey reality, there is nothing that can interest me.

I walked till my legs stopped hurting and became numb to everything, and yet, I kept walking in search for the greater realm. Because, I refuse to accept a ugly grey reality. I kept walking on this plain for time indefinite, but time stopped long back.

Such a long path ahead, let’s continue….


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