A journey of five days: Second day

It’s currently mid-night. While I was organizing my findings and came to a conclusion of today’s events.

Today, I met and observed the behavior of a Tasmanian devil, a small skunk like carnivorous animal. Through it’s observations, I found something about, what I call ‘pace’.

While I do know that pace itself is a too fantastical thing to be a reality, I still believe that’s there is pace here.

Essentially, the pace theory goes something like this:

Everyone has a particular rhythm of life, break it and it’ll cause direct harm to someone; manipulate it and you can manipulate the being itself.

The rhythm of life described above is what I think is related to your neural sparking. If let’s say an event happens, where your neural sparking correspond to an outside event, there is a possibility of hypnosis.

Once the pace (rhythm of life) is in control, you can manipulate it like flowing water. It’s quite subtle and not many people can master this pace. Hypnotists, manipulators and Master-minds behind controlling people, all can use this so called pace (so I believe).

Even artist of all sorts use this rhythm of life to distort our feelings, to make us feel not-normal and weird when seeing paintings, listening to music. Don’t you sometimes just feel sad listening to a sad song, even if you just won a lottery. This all makes me think, that while it might not be exactly how I think it to be, [It took me only a day to think of this, how could it be so easy?]  I think  there is something of this sort that can be used both for good and for evil.

It’s still a really mysterious topic like the universe.

After concluding my words in my journal, I saw a cat passing by, so I tried my theory of pace on it by trying to disrupt it’s task my flicking my fingers. It WORKED!!!.

I attracted a cat which was moving away to come to me. Though, I might just have been delusional and that cat was a pet cat, but it still won’t come so close to a stranger without any cause. Cats are known to be not as friendly as dogs.

I’m not sure if this is how it is or not. It’s just a hypothesis right now. One day, if I get to test it, I will.

A long path ahead, let’s continue…


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