language: A manipulation?

Language was first formed with a particular idea, a particular design behind it, thus having it’s own influence on our thinking. Same thought in different languages, can induce different emotions than what we feel ourselves.

We are affected by the original designers’ thoughts and ideas, when we think. So no one who learns the same language can be completely uninfluenced by this. Therefore, people which speak the same language, will all have similar aspects of personality, but different styles of thought.

Concluding, languages that we have now aren’t good enough in terms of efficiency of ideas and thought freedom, as well as clarity in expression. A language isn’t based on skill in organizing and clarity of thought and all of that. The idea of a language us to have a uniform medium which is very effective in communication of thoughts and ideas.

We need to create a language that efficiently displays an idea, simply and without many technicalities. A simple, straightforward, communication language, which is easy to utilize, like python (computer language).

Humans are reasoning animals, thus we need a language, less based on the emotions of the person and more on the accuracy of the delivery of information and reason.


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