A Sage

As children grow, they gain masks. Masks to avoid embarrassment. Masks to avoid confrontations. Masks to become popular. A Mask to wear at a friends house. A mask to wear at a relatives house. A mask for everything…

They slowly behave so much like theirs masks, that they forget their own true face. And slowly , the mask becomes their face. Nothing remains of their own true self. Nothing… Not even memories.

Almost none of the adults will have their original true face. In fact, most of them lost it way back in their childhood days.

Someone who never wears a mask to hide themselves. Someone who is always the same in character. That is whom I’ll call a Sage.

Sage. They aren’t born that way.

They start with a moral code, scrap it and start again, thousands of times, till they find one that fits them the longest, that isn’t contradiction to their behavior.

That size, which fits them, becomes their permanent size. And they wear it always.

Eating, Sleeping, Dancing, Fighting, Always…

That size becomes their code. The code isn’t something they are born with and it becomes better and better, till it becomes perfect.

It’s something you create yourself, in a way that you think is right.

True incite, after all, comes within from yourself. It’s only you who does, others can only guide…


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