A mind full of thoughts

When you’re free to the utmost, you’re bound to the utmost.

Only in freedom, can we see a path that is ours. But we don’t change our character when we achieve freedom. Our path which is visible will be always the same. “A man will do, what he feels is the best possible thing. If he does wrong, he doesn’t know better”~ Socrates.

People change, like the seasons do. But some things don’t change, no matter what. These things are their irreplaceable habits. A habit will remain with you throughout your life, so think carefully before you make one. Like how you think of the best possible outcome for a event, think of the best possible habit for yourself.

You do a lot of things to get promoted but never are, yet someone else in their first week of work gets promoted, what do you feel? Life is too unfair? Reality is too cruel to you?

Let me tell you, You are a f**king idiot [G-rated blog, censorship]. At the end of the day, your Ability is what matters. Only you and your personal prowess can get you that promotion, not your ‘buttering’ (flattery), and all sorts of other methods. Even if you get the promotion, you will remain the same with or without the promotion, so, in essence that promotion is noting but a small title. People with higher ambitions would definitely not aim for that.

You can’t have something, just because you want it.

 If you want something, go, reach out and get it yourself.

So don’t work on others. Work on yourself. Improve and hone your abilities. Not all people live in castle. Kings can live in castles because of their abilities. Even kings will die if they aren’t able enough to manage his populace.

Have the abilities of an emperor, to be an emperor.




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