Never doubt the potential of someone to help you, only doubt your ability to make them help you. If the can’t do it, they’ll ask others to help you. But you need to be important enough for them to even think of helping you.

Even a beggar at the roadside can help you, if he truly wished to expend himself in the process. But you must be important enough in his mind to help you to that point.

In times of need, everyone requires a support, a back-up plan to rely on, a trust-able aide by your side to perform your functions perfectly. Such an existence is called a ‘friend’, or what I call a test Fiend. Why? because of higher the score you get in the test, higher the ability to use such a person. To get a good score though, you yourself have to show your usefulness to a point ,most of the times.

You’ll find some of these friends grow out to be live-together-die-together-brothers.

So don’t treat anyone lightly. Treat a random stranger as your brother. But if any sort of relation is developed, adjust your treatment like a freemium  app.

( I hope no one get’s offended, by this. Sigh I don’t think anyone who reads a philosophic point of view will take it to heart.)


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