Being sincere for others sake but being sincere for yourself is even more important. Think about it clearly? When was it last that you actually took a major life-changing decision that had a process of enduring roughness for a long period of time, and followed through to the very end?

For me, the answer has been almost never. Even if I did something like that, it must have been so distant that I don’t even remember. I always can think up many ways to ‘grow’ myself, but never really take any actions. If I do start talking actions, my habits start taking a toll on me and finally my rhythm breaks in between.

Being determined to do something, and being sincere while doing something are two completely different things. People can be extremely determined to do something, yet because they lack the sincerity to themselves and their own decisions, that the slowly fall into the devouring abyss.

You , who can’t even be sincere to yourself, how can you be sincere to others. If you are sincere to yourself, can people think that you indeed have capability of sincerity and reliability, and thus would choose you.

Sincerity is a very soft, yet important Ultimate. A sincere person, will definitely be a hard-working person, but a hard working person might not be so sincere. After all, Fear is also a Ultimate, a hard one at that.


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