Fame? Money? Who cares?

What’s  the use of an ability, that’s only useful when compared with others? Having such a useless ability, with essentially no use is worse than having no ability at all.

For example, let’s say, your wish is to become the best in your class, in terms of grades. But tell me, what is it’s use? How will you use this, ‘best in class, academically’? . Rather, in class actually learn something and how to use that something in life; It might just help out at an unexpected moment.

Similarly, fame and reputation come to those who are able and good at something. Fame for those who want fame is like a bubble. It might pop any time. But fame of those who are able, is ever lasting.

Thus, be able, fame, reputation and money will come as a bi-product. Don’t make them your life goals. To be at the peak of your craft, that’s what should be something worthy of being your life goal.

There is an emperor in you, sealed within tightly by reality. What we want is to unseal it, and let it free in the world….

What’s it to surpass oneself?

It’s to be better than what you were yesterday. Just think of how much better you are today, than you were yesterday. Think of how, if you continue, what height your craft will reach one day. What would it look like that day? All this makes my blood boil with excitement.

See, this is what real motivation look like. Just getting excited of how useful an your own ability will be in the future, motivates you the most. Any sort of outside motivation, to get some work done, or any other sort of thing, can only be a sort of manipulation by selfish people, who want their own work done first.

So live with ability, not addictions… Live free, not in chains. Live like you want to, not how you are… Live not for the future, but for today.


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