3 things I believe on…

When you know that doing something is what you desire and that’s what would benefit you, yet you hesitate because a bit of pain you have to go through, Then no matter how you try, you’ll never truly be strong. No coward can become strong without risking something, without feeling pain and it’s effects and without determination.

This is the path that Buddha was also enlightened upon eventually, as his actions prove that he thoroughly believed in the process of spending appropriate cost for the effect. Cost-effect system is also like pain-gain system. For every cost, there is pain. For every effect, there is gain.

Just like I’ve said before, strength which isn’t yours, isn’t a reliable strength. It would work sometimes and sometimes it won’t, it has weaknesses while it may also have it’s advantages. But I truly believe that a legendary weapon is useless, if you can’t wield it well.

This is what I believe. This is what I’ll follow, because this is worthy of this emperor to move with.


Pain is but a passing thought. Pain is just for a moment. But what you gain out of the pain is permanent. What you gain is remains with you forever.

I’m not taking about material things, but solely strength of experience and will.


You can only become stronger when you move about, experience pain and everything else with it. And then surpass it.

Like how you can only cross a bridge when you reach it, you can only surpass weakness when wish to become strong (because you’re weak), you can only surpass pain when you are in pain. You can only surpass life, when you live it.


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