Last time I talk on politics…

There are many systems that countries adopt, the most famous one being democracy. However, democracy is a flawed system, which creates troubles for everyone in society. Currently, most people just go along with the system, but I’d say democracy isn’t the end of systems. Trying to create more efficient systems will be a wiser thing to do, that just doing nothing.

Democracy with either socialism or capitalism is flawed to it’s core. I’m not saying that any of these systems are bad. In fact, I’d say they’re pretty good systems in their own respect and I personally, am a fan of socialistic policies. But having equality with these systems makes them flawed.

Humans are born different. Getting equality, even though you’re different causes us to forget the innate fact that we are different from others. In such cases, socialism works pretty well, if I’d say so myself, because everyone can do what they excel at. If they excel at something much more extraordinarily than others, they get special rights. This isn’t like nobility and all of that. It’s like giving a superman a building for his own use. That’s how it should be.

Giving someone special rights because he’s good at something should be more prevalent than everything else on the surface.

Still, I’m not disregarding crimes. When a person does a crime, there are always cases that give punishments based on socialistic status. So why even keep the false surface of equality and justice at all.

Justice in the first place is individualistic and everyone has a different sense of justice. If a company, A for example, was behind the killing of a person’s(B for example) entire family, then would it be right or wrong for B to blast the company to smithereens ?

If you have an answer, comment below. If you don’t, I’ll believe that you also see my point of view.

There are people who want something, and then there are people who just go with the flow. I refrain to comment on any of them, because it’s a persons choice how (s)he wants to live their lives. But I want something, and believe having ambitions is a good thing. After all, higher the ambitions you have, higher will be your achievements. You only have a single lifetime, so don’t just spend it without achievements. If you don’t want anything from your life, then you pretty much don’t need it. what’s the point in living just because you’re afraid of death.

It’s like having a book which remains empty, stored in a bookshelf to collect dust. I consider life like a empty book, where you can write your own legend in. It can’t go where there isn’t a single want.

I believe even Buddha wanted to be freed from mortality and achieve nirvana.I don’t know the whole story but I believe even he wanted something in the start.

In communism, Buddha will be restricted to do anything that he wishes for. Talk about meditation and enlightenment, he’ll be barely able to survive there, due to the loads of restrictions placed nowadays. Buddha can’t come from communism

In capitalism that way, much more freedom is available. Buddha can come from capitalism. But  he mayor may not gain enlightenment.

But if Buddha is placed in a socialistic economy, He can definitely gain enlightenment.

It doesn’t matter much for those who’re wasting away their lives in fear, but for those who forget themselves to achieve their lifelong goals, it matters a ton.  It’s the difference between running with chains attached and being given wings.

However, since capitalism isn’t a system, it’s a philosophy, like communism and socialism, it needs a system to fully show it’s capabilities. However such a system hasn’t been made yet….

And till it’s made, I refuse to talk on politics of the world. Not because it’s beneath me, but because all troubles arise because of the system itself…



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