Money matters, kinda.

This world runs on money. Currency. It’s an era of capitalists…

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it now as well. Money is only a bi-product of your abilities. But, now I’m about to say something different, something that I myself don’t grasp too well.

To increase your abilities, you need money.

Simply. Just to practice something, you need money.  Because, money has become the very core of survival nowadays. You can’t get food without spending some money. You can’t get water without money. And, you can’t get a good shelter without money.

Not only that; When we practice s craft or ability, we’ll have to bear the cost of getting the materials to practice it. Every thing need materials to learn, whether books or trainers. And, you’ll need money for that.

Rich become richer. Money breeds money. Put money in your ability, and you get more money. Waste it on clothes, perfumes and other useless luxuries and the money is wasted.

Use money wisely. It’s your only way to thrive legally.



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