Do Your Best, Today

Do. Only the act of doing something, breaks the inertia. If and only if, you do something will you break the inertia of the things happening around you. Only insane people or glitches who believe in laws of chaos, can get something different from doing the same thing over and over.

Your. everyone has their limits, and so do you. Hate your limits. And crush them to pieces. Everyone has and will have certain limits. It’s your choice to decide what to do with them. Live with them like a weakling. Or go out, experience level up and break through your limits one after the other, like a strong person.

Best. The act of doing your all, doing to your utmost limit and then a bit more, it gives the best kind of reward. And that’s satisfaction in your self. I’m a stoic person, who does his best to be cynical, but I just come out as sarcastic. For me, like cynicism, self-satisfaction is the highest reward you’ll get ever. And since it’s the best, to achieve it you need to do your best. It may be the same for you (or may not).

Today. You live in the present. You can plan ahead, but never let a it come in front of your eyes. “A far away lake, can’t quench your nearby thirst“. Live today, die tomorrow. Or for better understanding, live today like you’ll die tomorrow. Now, don’t misunderstand me, and if this got all you hopes up, then sorry. But it doesn’t at all mean enjoy your time today, don’t care about tomorrow… It’s exactly the opposite. It means, do all your work today. Because, you might not be able to work tomorrow. Work today. That’s what it means to live like there is no tomorrow.


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