Laissez Faire…

I have a non-interference policy. I shall not interfere with your life, unless you do first or I want something that you have and I don’t. It’s mostly reasonable though, as I, first and foremost, am a pursuer of knowledge [obviously; see my motto]. I believe in a win-win deal, so if I want something, I’ll try to make it a mutual agreement, but that is beside the point.

Emotions are useless. They cause no benefits, but only harm.

What good is, lust? greed? wrath? envy? gluttony? sloth? pride? How do they help?

How does being happy or being sad, accomplish my goal? It just causes my productivity go down…

Love? It’s just a chemical released by the body to tell it about the mating season. If you love someone, it’ll slowly wash away. It’s no better than lust. However…

Admiration, is different. It may be confused with love, but it’s a much higher form of emotion. Something that doesn’t cause harm directly, and even sometimes helps you overcome your limits. Thus, I totally ‘like’ only the people, who have my admiration for their effort. It may seem petty, but I don’t care. I’m a petty person.

Getting back, I thus, avoid trusting emotions. Of course, I can’t completely shut them off since I’m still inexperienced, but I’m learning to,slowly. I do however, hold nothing against people who follow their emotions. Actually, I admire them a bit too, since, they can reach a point where I know them by following their emotions.

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Evil for evil.

That’s also one of my beliefs. I’m not a fan of the whole justice thing.

Justice and injustice, good and evil; It’s relative to different people and their perception of things.There is no absolute justice. There is no absolute good. Not even God [God is an atheist, because there is no god for the god. Get it?]. No law is unbiased. Everything is based on your judgement alone. How to act, How to achieve something, and other stuff. I’m not telling you to break laws, as I also have a spotless ledger, and follow all rules. I just don’t believe in them, because they’re never there for you when you need them.


Thus, defining my reaction to everything around me.

Everyone will eventually die. Then why die with suppressed rage, regrets and all sorts of useless things. Die with only knowledge of your accomplishments. That’s one of my goals on the checklist. I don’t know if I’ll ever check it though.

Laissez faire. My ultimate policy. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how you look. I don’t care who you go out with or where you go or what god you worship, or anything else that’s worthless thinking about. Help me and I’ll help you. Otherwise, don’t waste my time and energy.

After all, my brain takes 20% of my energy everyday. Why waste it on emotions right? why not do something more productive?



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