Time flows. Whether you want it or not. It flows steadily while you flow with it. But if you try to stop it, it’ll still flow. But you’ll be going through a lot of turbulence with it.

It’s like a row boat. Move with the flow of water and enjoy its freshness. Or move opposite to it, and enjoy the thrill of danger.

Time. Like the water flowing out of a overturned bottle, or fizz from a can of cola. You put you hand to stop the fizz from coming out, but it slips through the gaps  between your fingers, and all you get is a sticky hand to show for it.

You can’t stop it from flowing. But you can be ahead of it, always a step ahead, so you don’t find yourself wet in the course of history.

So, I won’t tell you to ‘save time’ or ‘ don’t waste your time’ like some parents do ahem. I’m telling you  to always stay ahead of your time….  


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