Blog Log #1: 50 posts special

Hey guys, I’m sure you have noticed that I actually haven’t written for a while. That’s mostly due to my high school exams. Yes, I’m in high school, no kidding. [Probably, it’s just me; you knew right?]

I also haven’t  had time to read those comments [sorry T_T ]. I’ll find time to do it today, later in the day. Getting back,

I have decided, that for this year, I’m gonna twist things up a bit. A bit experimentation and all..

I’ll change some of the type of content I post, I’ll probably post a bit shorter blogs so that I could deliver regularly. And I shall not wait for inspiration to strike to start a post again.

I know, I know, it might harm my content; It might as well, but I’ll try to avoid it. So bare with me please…

I’m really interested in psychology, so I will post some posts on psychology according to my understanding, and to increase it further. Most of my psychology knowledge comes from Dr. Frost though [ A manhua; a comic basically]. But I’m really interested in it.

So, in conclusion, Let’s party this year!!!! Just kidding. I’ll be more regular on this, 2017. And I hope you’ll continue to support me like you guys have all this while…


Glitch Fox


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