Full speed ahead!!!

My mentor always tells me, when average people start their work, the best person on the job has finished his work and has proof read it too. When a normal student starts learning, the topper has finished his syllabus and was revising it the second time.

The thing about the best people at their place isn’t that they are demigods, or a abnormal monster [like some people are!], they’re just kept working on for long, long hours but at their own comfortable pace. When everyone is hurrying from here to there, these people keep up with their life, and live it.

Getting ahead isn’t talent, it’s an art, a skill. And if you’re reading this – it’s as simple as reading the next line…

Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here[ lol, soz]. Congratulations!! You just learnt how to get ahead. Just simply, at your own pace,  read the next line at your own time [without stopping; |Very Important|] and keep on going like this. Simple.

If you understood, then good. Otherwise, don’t get ahead of yourself, get ahead of others. And try to utilize what I’ve just said. Slow and steady.

You kept reading, and see! Finally this boring thing is over and you can go back to your life without remembering anything, but this- Start at your own pace, and never stop.


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