Me in the universe

My Ideas are radical, and might induce negative emotions in people. If you don’t like it, deal with it yourself. Don’t cause harm to the writer community.

There are at least a trillion stars, like our sun in this Milky Way Galaxy. And, there are a hundred million to a couple billion galaxies that are known to us. Thus, even if we assume, that only about every millionth star, is there a planet like earth, there are about as many earths in the universe that could fill up our entire galaxy.

If each of these earths houses a single race, which may/may not be humanistic, and have there own sciences, Then it’s easily assumable that there is a race that has a higher physic than us, a higher intellect than us, and a higher lifespan than us. There may even be a race that has all if these things all together. If so, even if they are just about 1.5 times smarter than us, it means that they are about 5 million years ahead in their technology. What does this imply?

Firstly, they can easily travel space. They might have even achieved speed of light by now.
Secondly, They are currently conquering planets in space and researching at boosts of the entire universe. So, they have a even faster researching speed.
Thirdly,and most importantly,if they want to conquer us, then we have no advantage against them, and they have all the advantages with them. We are highly disadvantaged here.

Now, assuming that my level of intellect is that of an average male of my race, then there are about 7 billion people who are living and thinking with or above average level [assuming about 2 billion are below average +/- 1 billion]. Then they could have also thought about this. Even if only about 1 billion people or below can think about this, then there has to be some preventive measures against all of this. But, then again, what can we do? Pretty much nothing.

I am a single organism, of an unknown race called Homo Sapiens. I don’t have any high power against my fellow Sapiens; In fact, I’d say I’m exactly average in about everything. What can I do? What power or ability do I have? All I can do is think about myself as an individual.

There is such a big unknown, and yet all the average person thinks about is religion, discrimination, love and sex. I’d even say, an average male thinks about reproduction at least once every day. Otherwise, it’s stuff related to god.

I even think, that relative to the universe, our planet is like a infant in age. Then it might just be that our planet is already secretly conquered by an unknown race known as ‘God’. No wonder, everyone talks about this God like they’re their slaves. Well, i that case, I’m their slave as well though. But it’s not like a slave needs to like the masters feet all the time. I’d be fine, if he tells me to do something particular. But, till then, I ‘d never believe in these people known as son of God or shit.

Why, if god is so powerful, must he use these pieces of shit, for his service? He doesn’t. These people are just delusional and think that they’re any better than the average being here.

Since, god has enslaved us, why isn’t there a revolution yet? There was a revolution against slavery in the Renaissance era, wasn’t there? It means a Galactic revolution is needed.

And yet, all the average male still is thinking about is, ‘God damn, that rack!!’……….

There is nothing much an average individual organism in an about average race can do anyways. It can only do stuff, within it’s limits, right. True, True.

But, for me, even though I’m average, I’d rather be doing something that increases my individual prowess than do something delusional like believing in shit without proof, or just getting entertained because I’ve nothing else to do.

Entertainment, is actually one of the most delusional things that our race does though. They get doped, just from seeing weird stuff. Though, it’s helpful to some degree as it gives you a better data base on the thoughts of other individuals, it’s highly addicting, causing delusions to people.

It’d be good if you could simply stay away from entertainment and all, that way you could keep doing your own shit, upgrading yourself slowly and steadily. But, sadly, shit doesn’t happen like this.

Modern day, You have to earn your keep. You pay for how much you eat. You have no security for upgrading yourself, and there are at least a million ways to die at any moment. And then again what do we do? Play with our cute, little chihuahuas. Nothing short of the best at being the worst.

With all of this, I think that we might not be counted as an average race within the universe. We’re probably way below average, and I’d probably be, below-below-average.

What’s the fairness, people always talk about? We have different capabilities since the day we’re born. Reality is, that everyone desires something. It’s just that they can’t achieve it, that’s all. And the reason for that is also because of capabilities. There is no fairness, no justice, no right or wrong, no moral ethics or values, none. Enjoy. Your dish has been served.

The only thing in this universe is relative strength and capabilities. You have more, you make the moral code, ethics and all of that.

In the end, you’re free to do what you can. Death to an organism is only natural. Like we kill ants today, we’d be killed like ants by another race tomorrow. That race will then enjoy much more luxury than us.

People live because they’re afraid to die and because it’s comfortable here. Without comfort, and will to survive, what’s the point of living? fear of death. Not of being dead, but the pain before death, and the process of it. I’m not someone who’s not afraid of death, but it’s still very appealing to me as it means that I can rest, because there is nothing after death. No after life, or reincarnation, no process, it’s void of everything. Best place to sleep.

But, let’s achieve at least something before it. It’s like I can come here again. So let’s enjoy it nicely once. And, by enjoy, I don’t mean being delusional to death, but like achieving stuff. Therefore, let’s make all the fiction into reality, so I can enjoy it as well.

I’ve visualized myself a bit now, and I think I’ve found my traits. It’s quite simple. Curiosity… Now I believe that it will be easier to handle stuff, as I know that I’m a curious person. It’s a form of curiosity because I’m eager to know how to use something, how it is helpful, how to upgrade it further and all of that. Even while studying, it’s imperative to be curious of how something works. Reading faster and faster doesn’t help at all and I know I can’t enjoy learning like that. I enjoy learning stuff, which turns out to be interesting. Therefor “I’ve decided to learn like I’ll live forever”.

School has made the idea of ‘studying’ a hassle. Every time I think of studies and marks and job and life, I get all frustrated and all. But not now. No studies for me. Only learning. I won’t die of not getting a job. I can survive without it too. Comfort is all in the mind.

Reading is quite enjoyable. Just reading anything interesting passes time quite easily. I love reading fantasy novels and research paper on interesting topics.

I was once interested in philosophy but now, I find it full o’ weird abstract assumptions and all sorts of beliefs. It has no logical beginning or end now. Rather, I now find psychology quite interesting now. It’s logical study of behavior and traits, and helps in understanding our mind.

I’m planning on making a text chat like website, which has all of the stuff like this written all of over like some kind of spray-painted-wall. Would look cool.

Damn man, Why do we have deadlines? WHY?!?!?!? Well, logically speaking, if we do something in lesser amount of time, it would be counted as being more efficient, so it does make sense to have deadlines a bit. Essentially, we have to do everything ASAP.

Pride? What I pride myself in, is my will to make an effort. More effort than anyone else. I may not be the most hardworking person, but my pride doesn’t allow my defeat against them. I will do more effort!!

If yang was comfort, yin would be hardship, if yang were heaven, yin would be hell, if yang were talent, yin would be effort. Effort grows through various hardships, while those with talent enjoy more comfort. The Devil deceives. It may want to haunt others and distract others, while he himself works hard to become stronger himself. Hell is about hardships, about effort. And I have pride in that, my effort. Say whatever you want, instead of believing free benefits, it’s better to believe in the Deceiver.

How was the first cell created? Like how you were, by an accident. Due to collection of all sorts of elements, an accident happened on earth whose probability of happening was so low, that it might not happen in even 1 in a billion planets. And so, it happened. It multiplied and new features were born out of it and after some billion years humans were created. In just 5000 years, humans created dominance over every creature and now lived with lot’s of incomplete knowledge of the universe, that I have no idea what good it does. Even if we become the most powerful race ever, so what. It’s not like people will give you chocolate for that right? Whatever.

So yeah, no wonder people live like they were shocked. They are all after all an accident of nature. What’s the point of doing anything right? What’s your motivation? love, is nothing but a huge misunderstanding that you yourself created to breed more of you. Power, is nothing but a game created by bored people to have some fun, but it’s boring game. Science, is like Lego; you create stuff for a while but in the end you don’t have anything interesting to do, you know. Especially, how badly it’s doing right now, almost nothing interesting is left in science. Whatever.

I’d like to have superpowers and some other cool stuff for which I live right now. Otherwise, I would’ve given up to video games a while ago. It’s very funny how people talk about stress and all that shit when I’m like dude, you know you weren’t supposed to be alive at all; just chill and have fun, yolo … I’m suddenly surprised how humanity invented twerking. So amusing right. They couldn’t come over the fact that they were all accidents and started twerking. lol. Whatever. Doesn’t matter does it.

It’d be cooler if we were some experiment of an alien species, because then you can say that at least you ain’t all accidental right? But well if that was so, then there must be another alien species that should be experimenting on the first ones right? So, in the end it seems that I created an infinite loop. So it’s rejected and then we come back to accidentally created humans.

SO BORING!!!! This world is so boring. Can’t this world have like cool magic and arts to make this appear out of nowhere. But well it might not be interesting if I was born in a world like that, because then I’ll get used to it. There is probably a guy in that parallel universe thinking if there was a world with science and how bored I am… What would that guy do? Try to level up, I guess. Hmmm. Can I level up in this world? Probably not.

No wonder, we sleep 1/3rd of our lives. If I had to live for 30 more years, then I’d go crazy… from boredom.


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