World War 3: War of the Sexes

Oh, the day is coming soon, when the war shall start and all that’s left of the male  dignity will be shred into dust. The war is coming; and this time, the women are gonna win.

Do you know why the fight for ‘women equality with men’ is called ‘feminism’ and not ‘equalism’?

Simply, because the movement doesn’t want equality of women with manhood. The don’t promote equality. The promote females.

Today the question the values of all males, making them seem evil and disgusting. The media makes the position of men even lower than scum. And they? They gain power every second. Quota for women, reservations for women, and all those special benefits women get over men. Is this your equality?

What about male values? What about male dignity and pride? Nothing. Not a f*ck was given.

The day the war starts, it’ll end. Because the day, women achieve ‘equality’, they will, because of their greed for power, get more in the name of righteousness and ‘feminism’.

Who holds all the power in the country? It’s women. Every wife and mother are women. Every teacher is a woman, and they teach all the boys and girls alike,  ‘ female values’.

The law supports the woman. In most divorce cases, it’s generally the man losing 50 to 70 percent of their life’s savings, over a woman who cheated him for his money.

Women are the best social puppeteers. They can control people without even them knowing about it.  They don’t even have to try and they can seduce men for their cause. They can use men when they want and throw them away like an empty bag of chips when need be.

I might sound very biased. But that’s what all the speeches on ‘feminism’ are. If I don’t stand for male dignity, then who will? Not females, no. They might show support to slowly make you their puppet, but they’ll never truly understand what male dignity is.

Our dignity has been tarnished. And those who did it, hold all the power in this jungle. What can we do, except be their tail-wagging dogs,  licking their feet and wiping their a**.

Does no one feel  as threatened by their hostility towards males? or towards the power that they hold? or the control that they have over society in general?

If not, then frame me as a villain, who said very evil and bad things about women. It won’t matter even if you frame me. A single man could never do anything what an whole of manhood can like a single stick could never do what a pile can.



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