Thou Art Mortal

This is what was said to most prestigious generals by the trusted aides when the came back victorious, to remind them of the brevity of life.

We are all going to die. Each and every one of us has a death sentence to our names. The only difference is some are going to die shortly and others after a while. That cancer you dread the most isn’t going to make any difference. That injury you have, how does it really affect your life? Or not having any injury or disease also doesn’t make a difference.

We’re slowly dying. Each second that you live might be your last. What difference does it make that we die by cancer or by time?

This might sound pessimistic to some, optimistic to others, but in the end it’s the reality. Know this, and act like a dying person, making the last decisions of his life.

This might be the last moment you live but that doesn’t mean you find a orgy nearby. Think of the soldier before deployment. He handles everything he can before he goes, says goodbye to his neighbors and kisses his loved ones before leaving. No-one knows if he’ll ever return or not, or how he would return; Triumphant or as a cold body.

That’s a truth in life that no one shall escape, so why pretend even for one second that you could live to die tomorrow.