Isn’t my Job my Occupation?

What’s an Occupation? It’s the task you wish to do in your life. Th task you see fit for yourself whether by something you believe you are good at or something you believe was meant for you. Whatever that be, that’s your occupation or profession. And it’s your duty to do it.

However, not all people are lucky enough to be able to do it and earn out of it as well. Hence the need of a job. A work place where you can work to earn money so that you could have the survival needs fulfilled.

That’s the essential difference between job and occupation.

You can change your job anytime you want, but occupation is something that can’t be changed, but you can have more than one occupation. It’s like a craft. You can’t change what you’ve learnt and are good at. You can only have more than one of it. And you can do it whenever you want. THAT’s your Occupation.

In life, what matter’s isn’t what your job demands of you, but what your occupation demands of you. And being good at your job doesn’t account for anything, but being good at your duty in life is what one of your two essential tasks are.