What if I’m Lazy?

It’s natural  that try to save every penny, to make ourselves slightly miserable just to save some money for something we really really want. But for what? Something that isn’t in our control, something that won’t remain with us wherever we go, or something that could perish.

Yet when it comes to our time and our lives, something we all have so little of, we spend that so easily. To reality shows. To people who have nothing useful to do. To our emotions. And then at the end of our lives, we wonder where all the time went? or to bring perspective a bit closer, at the end of the year, how we did so little?

Hence, like the big misers we all are, we must spend our time in a very miserly way. Like how a miser spends his money, a lazy person spends his time. We must become lazier.

We must become too lazy to waste time on useless things and people.A lazy person knows how less time he has in his life, and hence only spends time where he is absolutely sure that he’s getting what his time is worth…

Every second spent should be worth the price.