Ever wonder, why are we so addicted to some things, almost dependent on them to make our life move forward. It’s so odd yet fascinating that most of us are addicted to these things, yet none of us do anything about it.

It could be your like for TV shows, sitcoms, online novels and other devices of entertainment; or it could be your seemingly harmless love of alcohol, smoking and other poisons; All these are addictions that can take away your life, slowly and steadily, like any other poison, you die completely without realizing what you were.

Addiction is nothing but an attachment to a particular method of relieving negative emotions, which further cause more negative emotions, leading to a vicious cycle. It’s hard to remove because slowly our bodies have become used to it and these habits have been ingrained into us. So much so, that you can mimic the actions leading to it just by muscle memory alone, no effort required sir!

But it has been found that Positive outlook and Proactive personality is the best way to decrease our dependence to these poisons. After all, most addictions become addictions due to negative emotions. Now, don’t confuse being positive and being naive. Positive people are looking for the solution, believing in their power to bring change, while naive people think that world is flower garden where everything works out for them.

Positive doesn’t mean you forget about the darkness and suffering that binds the world, hidden from sight. It means to accept it as a part of the deal.

Try to break these chains that bind your neck. Remove them, crush them and destroy them. Only then can you be truly human, not mere livestock.



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