Sugar Brain

Most people think and believe that when studying with high concentration and focus, you are required to eat or drink sugary stuff, or it would boost you up. But there is a huge, gigantic misunderstanding here.

While sugar is good sometimes while studying and helps you a lot, sometimes it also harms your studies.

Sugar boosts the energy levels in your body instantly and indirectly. It takes time to digest the sugar you take in, but as soon as your body tastes something sweet it decreases the insulin levels in your blood stream. Hence, the feeling of getting a boost. This is very helpful if you have to do some sort of homework or mechanical task.

However, sugar in large part jams up your decision making capabilities, making you more impulsive and less creative overall. This is bad for learning a new skill or concept. Furthermore, it increases your dependence on it for performing that skill, so in all likelihood, you would perform much worse without it, even when you are feeling energetic.

Sugar is also responsible for making your daily routine go haywire, making you feel sleepy when you’re usually energetic and energetic when you’re sleepy. This in large part decreases your overall productivity.

Hence, the misunderstanding has been cleared.