Impussibro List

This page is a stolen idea (somewhat). I changed the Impossible List idea by a certain daring person online to suit my own requirements. This list has all the things I want to do, metricized. Basically, here I can declare to  the Glitch Brigade, my skill level, and my evolution focus.Oh and this list is regularly updated by me…

I have a leveling system, where I level Up by completing things required to reach my goals. Each realm consists of 5 phases.Each phase consists of 3 levels [each requiring a single accomplishment to have]. Except for some common things [which I won’t mention], doing some special things directly levels me up more than once, like side missions. They will be mentioned here…

  • Learn a basic martial skill, like karate, Judo and all, enough to be able to be used naturally. Rewards: 1 phase
  • Get 1 mill. views on the blog: Rewards: 1 level
  • Write 100 posts: Rewards: 2 levels
  • Get 100 followers. Rewards: 1 level

My current level is: 1 realm phase level 2


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