Blog Log #1: 50 posts special

Read this to know more about my future plans. And to be prepared for a potential disaster… Just in case.


Announcement #2

An announcement related to the change in the site style, and how you won’t find any feedback pages.

Announcement for the future

Hello everyone, Glitch here. You guys may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t been posting for a while.

Its not that I have quit the blogging thing or anything. I like getting my thoughts across using blogs. It’s extremely interesting, but lately I have felt that I haven’t been myself on this blog anymore and am becoming something like a fake person.

So from now on, you might see me sometimes posting, while not other times because I’m a busy student. But I will only be writing what I feel and understand myself. If you all like it too, then we’re really similar and I’d like to know more about you guys. Otherwise, you can still tell me what you feel is different or wrong in my approach…. I won’t mind, I promise. I’m not absolutely right or wrong in my approaches, so feel free to praise/scold my freely. After all a lot of people reading are elder to me here and/or more experienced than me in life. So we can learn something from each other.

My arrangement of thoughts is kinda poor right now; I never thought of doing this before rapidly typing and publishing this, so sorry about that.

TimeLog: 1:02 am, 1 Jan 2017.  Signing out, Glitch virus…